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When was the last time you reviewed the efficiency of your business processes? Contact us and we will give you the benefits of our experience from both an accountancy and a software viewpoint.

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Are your staff fully trained and equipped to cope with the daily demands that arise using your accounts software setup? We can provide expert training for new users or refresher training for existing employees.

Is it time to move your accounting to the cloud?

As web based software improves a greater choice of online accounts software is becoming available. This software is often termed as ‘in the cloud’, which means it is accessed through the internet, without being downloaded to your machine and is either provided free or by subscription. You sign on, use the software and store your data through the system. The range and quality of online business products has grown very quickly over the last couple of years; include the development of applications for tablets and smart phones and you are faced with a great range of choices. For further advice please contact us at



Security: If you own a small company a larger online service may actually be able to provide you with more security than you can yourself.

Costs: Generally, the initial upfront costs for an online solution is less than the purchase of software.


Updates: Online services are always up to date, and those updates are managed by the service.

Backup: Cloud-based services back up your data for you.

Resource: The service has to maintain the hardware and IT team to keep your accounting services running.


Security: You have to depend on the service to provide you the level of security you desire.

Costs: Online services often require a contract commitment, which may cost more in the long run.

Updates: Software may require you or your IT team to manage updates and patches.

Backup: You have to depend on third-party services to keep your data secure.

Resource: Good bandwidth is required to run these services. If your company is located remotely without good access to the internet, this could be a challenge.